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About Me

Be the Best Alpha

Since day one, I have been able to connect with all types of animals. I grew up on a ranch in Mexico and at the age of 12 came to Petaluma California and continued helping my father at the ranch he worked at. I dealt with cows, pigs, chickens, cats, dogs, bunnies, birds etc... pretty much every animal you can think of. I was not only surrounded by them, but from a very young age I was able to connect with them and have them follow me around.  I enjoyed the work and as I grew I was recognized by those around me to be able to understand pets behavior and modify/correct it when necessary.  As I grew, my love for animals grew with me and I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to their health and well-being. My wife and I opened up our first health and wellness store for pets called Pet Empire and Supplies in 2017. At the same time I began getting more education on different forms of training. Slowly more and more people started coming to me for training tips and guidance on how to control their aggressive, energetic or skittish dogs. For the past three years I have trained hundreds of pet parents and thank god have continued to get more work simply through referrals. I hope my website and online social media reaches more people so that I may be of service to a wider community and truly help pet parents around the world. -Javier "The Pet Whisperer"

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