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One Group Class

$30/ 1 session 1 hour

One group class is great for those who are interested in seeing how I work and what the ambiance is like in my trainings. This option is also great for those who have already gone through the full course of Basic Obedience 1.0 and want to jump into a one time class as a refresher to go over the basics. This option is also great to keep your dog socialized with other dogs and people.

Four Group Classes

$90/ 4 sessions 1 hour each

In this course you will receive all the essential information to start your dog with basic obedience. This class is great for puppies that are at least 4 months or for anyone trying to get better control/connection with their pet. I will cover everything from the importance of Eye Contact, Sit, Stay, Place, Heel, Come, On Leash walking, Socializing etc... In this class I also include various obstacles, and games to make the class fun and exciting for pet parent and the dog.


Four Personal Classes at Store

$200/4 Session 1 hour each

This option is great for pet parents looking for a one on one training with the trainer. The entire trainings are tailored to focus on the needs and issues specific to their dogs behavior, personality, breed, age etc.. This is a great class for someone who just rescued a dog and wants to connect with their pup on a higher level. For dogs with extreme behavior issues such as aggression/ extreme energy/ skittish etc...

One Personal Class at Home

$125/ 1 Session 1 hour

This is available for those who have one or two specific issues at home that pertain to other pets, neighbors, guests, territorial dogs etc.. During this training Javier will guide the pet parent through the exact steps needed to correct and modify the behavior. Pet parents will have the tools necessary to stop whatever behavior issues they are having at home. This will book the trainer at your place for 1 hour and he will only go over issues that can be fixed during the allotted time.


Four Personal Classes at Home

$300/ 4 sessions 1 hour each

This option is great for specific at home issues that require more than one visit. Trainer will access the root and cause of the problem and provide owner with all of the changes that need to be made in order to correct or modify the behavior. It is important for pet parents to understand that most behavior issues come from a lack of boundaries, work and discipline at home. Most behavior issues arise due to a lack of understanding of dog behavior and communication.

Personalized Training Regime

Price and Sessions Vary

This is option is available for extreme/severe cases or trainings. Trainer only offers this option to pet parents who want 100% control over their dogs and are committed to continuous and rigorous training that includes behavior modification, agility, off leash training etc. This option is also necessary for dogs with extreme, aggression/ wildness/ and skittishness. Must discuss with trainer before signing up.

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